Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant By Some Mystery Guy?

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Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant By Some Mystery Guy?

Miley Cyrus is featured on the front cover of the new issue of “Life & Style” magazine. In this particular issue, the magazine has opted to fill her uterus with the baby of some unknown guy. Did Miley have a bunch of one night stands — of which resulted in a pregnancy?

We are hard-pressed to believe that Miley wouldn’t be careful with her sexual decisions, but stranger things have happened. Either way, if she is knocked up, then naturally the next question is who is the father? We already know that it couldn’t possibly be Liam Hemsworth — they broke up a while ago.

Any guesses here?

What to Buy Your Goth for Christmas

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What to Buy Your Goth for Christmas

Their parents might think them a totally different sub-species, but buying gifts for Goths doesn’t need to be the scary experience many imagine. Style will of course vary from person to person, but there are a few general rules to the gothic look, try these for gift ideas:


A no brainer really: Goths love jewellery. Anything Victorian in style, or heavily featuring Gothic elements such as skulls, fairies, or crosses. A few really popular jewellery materials for Gothic fashion are leather, velvet, chains and studs, all in silver or metal – gold, not so much. Of course, black is best! Another common form of jewellery worn by Goths are body jewelry plugs – plugs are worn when piercings are being stretched or expanded, and come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. If you’re looking at buying your Goth body jewelry or plugs, make sure you know which gauge they are using. There’s a huge range of body jewelry & plugs available on


The pale makeup and dark eye look which is synonymous with the Gothic style is all a matter of taste. If you haven’t seen them wearing makeup four shades too light for them, don’t buy it! Safe cosmetic options to buy as gifts for your Goth are a good quality black kohl eyeliner, or black liquid eyeliner for doing winged eye makeup, and a few different nail varnishes. Black, blue and purples are the colours to go for!

Hair Care

While the obvious hairstyle is black, the trends are changing to include really bright colours also – pinks, purples, blues and greens. If they’re sticking to good ol’ black instead, a straightening iron and hair protectants make a great gift!


Get them interested in the Gothic movement aside from appearance, by buying them a set of classic Gothic literature. Think about Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, some Edgar Allen Poe – there are so many amazing examples of Gothic literature available. Pop into your local bookstore or browse, you’ll be surprised what you find.

Black Purse

Ideal for our Goth girl! Invest in a good quality leather or velvet purse and it will never leave her side. Every girl needs a good handbag, and this one definitely won’t just sit at the back of her closet gathering dust.

Spooky Home Décor

Skulls. Skulls everywhere. The spookier the better! You can buy almost anything made in some sort of skull shape or pattern – bedspreads, teapots, and lamps: there are some really cool options out there now. Some designers have even taken a leaf out of the book of Mexican Gothic, by making Dia de Los Muertos inspired home wares and crafts. Use your imagination!

Gift cards

Before you grumble, I know, they aren’t the most inventive gift idea. But they are still great! Buy your Goth an iTunes voucher, or a gift card to their favourite cosmetics or shoe store. This way they are guaranteed to come home with something they love. (and it’s a win-win if you’re really truly stuck!)

Have a Goth in your life who is difficult to buy for? From body jewelry plugs to gothic literature, try some of these options and let us know if you have any suggestions of your own.


Eye Makeup Trends That Will Make Men Wink At You

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Eye Makeup Trends That Will Make Men Wink At You

The eye makeup trends keep changing from nude eyes to the smoky look to under eyeliner. The type of eye makeup you wear depends largely on the occasion. When getting ready for the date night remember the eye makeup is different from the makeup for girls luncheon. Some of the eye makeup tips that you can use are:
Evoke the classic sophistication with thick and simple line of black eyeliner. It is a great way to intensify the romantic look. Use gel liner in place of pencil for the perfect look.

Even though you are blessed with naturally long lashes, wearing false lashes helps intensifying the eyes. If you want to add the drama wear a layer of strip of lashes.

For the flirty look get your shimmers on. You can safely wear the shimmers both in day and night. Carefully with the sparkly colors in bronze, silver, gold, metallic green or metallic blue. The glimmer eyes will brighten your eye and make you look awake and fresh.

One way to attract the attention of your friends is by creating a perfect frame. Perfectly plucked eyebrows helps in creating a bold look. This is perfect for all occasions.

Never hide your eyes behind heaps of makeup. Even a concealer is enough to hide the dark circles, mascara and neutral eyeshadow. You can keep this same look throughout the day. For a seamless look switch your lipstick from pale pink in the morning to deep cherry red at night.

But the most recent trend of under eyeliner is the best. Try shades of blue, pink and green. For a modest look, try a thin under the eye colored line.

Now that you know about the eye makeup, it is best to buy only best of brands of eye makeup products and brushes. You need not worry about the price associated with these products as you can find the promotional and discount codes on LavishCoupons.

Chrissy Teigen Buried Horrendous Book ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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Chrissy Teigen Buried Horrendous Book 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen was left seriously unimpressed by E.L. James’ novel Fifty Shades Of Grey. As well she should be, that book was an awful cornucopia of crap!

After reading two pages from the so-called erotic novel, Chrissy admitted to burying the book in the sand. First, she took to her Twitter account to say, “Need a book for our holiday away. Kind of want to read ’50 Shades’ and basically mystery science library it for you via twitter.”

A mere day later, she had already gave up on the book. She tweeted on Friday, “Annnnd I’m done. 2 pages in thank for enjoying mystery science library.”

Attempting to read it again, she tweeted, “I have an extremely high pain tolerance. But I honestly don’t think I can do this. This book is f**king horrendous.”

After burying it in the sand, she tweeted a photo of her digging the hole, adding, “I tried.”

Have you read the book? If so, what did you think of it? Horrendous or hot? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Lisa Niemi Is Engaged To Albert DePrisco

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Lisa Niemi Is Engaged To Albert DePrisco

He’s no Patrick Swayze, but we are happy to report that his widow Lisa Niemi has found love once again with jeweler Albert DePrisco. People magazine reports:

“Albert proposed to Lisa on Christmas Eve,” the rep says.

The couple met through mutual friends at a birthday party for Niemi and have been dating for a year and a half.

A year after Swayze died, Niemi, 57, told PEOPLE she was open to the possibility of being married again.

“I would love companionship love. Absolutely. I hope I’m not one of these women who never want to have another relationship,” she said. “But who knows, that’s another bridge I’ll cross when I come to it. I may get there and go, I don’t know. But I like to think that I can.”

Kudos to her for remembering that her life isn’t over because Patrick passed away. It was a sad situation, but it has been four years since his passing and she deserves to find love again.

Celebrities and Social Media

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Celebrities and Social Media

The ways budding stars rise in fame is drastically different these days, thanks to social media. The concept is the same as back before the internet, with actors and musicians needing to be seen, talked about and supported by adoring fans. Yet today’s media blitz now involves celebrities tweeting and posting about all aspects of life, from baby adoptions to nose jobs. However such personal glimpses into celebrity’s lives can get awkward when posts become too intimate and fans become overly enthralled. When very public romances fail, as in the case of Demi and Ashton, do the stars feel their incessant posts were worth the final price? Or is it all just part of the business of being a star? Well for better of worse, social media is a very effective marketing tool to help get fans more invested in public figures—what’s more it’s free of charge, making the medium all the more alluring. But how much is too much?

Love or Hate?
Many artists are very publicly supportive or scornful of social media resources. Many celebrity posters like being able to make a quick connection with fans, and it couldn’t be any easier than with just a few clicks on a mobile. The boyband, One Direction, is made up of avid tweeters that have been named some of the most widely followed users of Twitter. Stars interested in the phenomenon love it when something they’ve done or said “trends” by followers sharing and tagging the performers in their comments. Social Media outlets also let artists, publicists and managers see what the public wants in terms of story lines for television programmes, set list arrangements for concerts and even which costumes to wear. But not everyone is on board. In fact, some stars loathe the very platforms that can remove even more barriers between stars and their fans. For instance, actor George Clooney told Esquire, “If you’re famous, I don’t—for the life of me—I don’t understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter.”

When Social Media gets awkward…
Though a brilliant way to discern the public’s interests, Clooney and other naysayers have a point when the prospect of a more visible media presence makes them feel uneasy. One example can be seen on Wayne Coyne (of the band The Flaming Lips) on his personal, yet public Instagram account. Many fans become so starstruck that they use that platform to leave messages of adoration—so much so that it makes it painful for others to have to read. Too there’s the risk of overzealous fans thinking it’s actually the stars posting when many times it’s just a media specialist acting in their stead. Plus some things really should remain private and not all celebrity couples are in agreement over how much is too much sharing.

Public media wars can also get uncomfortable when celebrities take shots at each other, as seen in the barrage of vitriolic posts going back and forth between singers Sinéad O’Connor and Miley Cyrus. Though both posted messages they felt important enough to share with the world, the motives cannot help but be questions on both sides.

Too Much Too Soon?
It is a remarkable time to be alive and surrounded by all this technological magic. But does it ever seem like it’s gone too far? Yes the mere existence of a phone that’s a portable computer is absolutely brilliant but does the sheer ease of sharing make it too easy to share too much? It seems like the constant connection, however genuine or marketed, makes it all too easy to feel a kinship with strangers. And when those strangers are stars that kinship can too easily become unrealistic hopes and expectations for those with a shaky sense of boundaries. Plus a lot of the wonder is lost when both the basic and more obscure pieces of info are not just easily learned, they’re fed to us. A lot has been gained by social media but some really prized aspects of not knowing have been lost.





Life can be worrisome and confusing. When troubles become most pressing it is common for people to look for answers anywhere they may be found. Some find solace in religion or with the guidance of a trusted counselor, whilst others may seek answers in less traditional routes such as tarot readings, runes, or by searching for some mystical signs. Yet when life gets tough, what is more common than all of those things is the tendency to shy away from pain and trouble. Instead of seeking answers and some sort of resolution, distractions come calling—a nd they can take on so many different faces that it’s staggering.

Judgment of others is a great way to avoid looking at one’s own life. This type of distraction could come in the form of gossip, slander, being a chronic helper or adviser, etc. Yet when looking down on others in judgment or constantly trying to “fix” others it could simply be a device to keep from looking at one’s own issues that need tending.

Anyone obsessed with their phone could also be avoiding a number of issues. Come on, how important are they, really? So important they can’t spare 30 minutes to sit with the family for lunch without peeking at the mobile? And must the thing constantly be on and in hand? Those that find themselves constantly looking at a mobile may want to ocassionally take a break to just sit and think without distraction.

Constantly online. Granted there are countless industries and sub-industries in existence just to create habit-forming content. Graphic designers learn how to draw eyes to different parts of the page, just as social media publicists work diligently to get fans to become emotionally invested in their famous client. So it’s no regular person’s fault that they get sucked into the Web and stay there far longer than they should. Yet such a distraction can be very harmful to both work and personal relationships if the world online becomes far more interesting than the real world. Look at your time spent online and curtail it some if you find it’s distracting you to the point of ignoring problems that need reflection and resolution.

Sleeping is a wonderfully restorative thing. Everyone needs it and life can be a living hell for those who have trouble getting all the down-time they need. Yet sleep is also a seductive past-time when depressed or overwhelmed. Now sometimes it’s just the ticket to help the mind and body relax. But when sleeping becomes a crutch to avoid looking at life then that too, could be seen as a distraction.

Video games are seriously big business, and if the regular Web exists to create addictive programming it is nothing compared to the psychology behind gaming software. Worlds are created to help players feel as powerful or powerless as they may desire. Levels of achievement can become so involved and consuming that playing allows gamers to immerse themselves as completely different identities. That’s heady stuff, particularly for people with less-than-satisfactory daily lives. If a game brings joy and can be consumed in moderation, no problem. But if job loss and unpaid bills occur—big problem.

Injury sometimes has very interesting timing. Now this isn’t to say someone’s constantly on the go and deliberately harms themselves but an overly scheduled or frantically hectic life can most certainly increase the chances of injury and illness. And if something like a broken leg or serious illness should occur, there may be nothing but time to think on things and reflect. Injuries can result from other distractions put in place to keep the mind occupied, yes, but filled with noise rather than clarity. Whilst injuries can result from distractions, they are sometimes the very thing that can help eliminate many of them if one is forced to slow down.

Dean McDermott Cheated On Tori Spelling With Emily Goodhand

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Dean McDermott Cheated On Tori Spelling With Emily Goodhand

Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori Spelling with a woman named Emily Goodhand, according to the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly. So basically they are calling him a Cheater McCheaterson. Who knew that he was getting all skeevy behind her back?

The tabloid reports that Dean has broken Tori’s heart after he was BUSTED with his random fling right before Christmas. That has to be embarrassing! Could you imagine getting caught having a one night stand and then she runs and blabs to the media about your sexcapades? It must suck to be Dean McDermott right now and we’re guessing that if Tori wants to keep him around, she is doing some serious damage control.

What do you think? She found him when they were both married to other people, so it only stands to reason that he would cheat again, doesn’t it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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